I try to write something everyday, not just for you, but for me.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Downfall of social media

Social media has become something it had never expected it to be

In this day and age it's very normal to see everyone in a bus or in train stuck to their phones. I can understand you wouldn't want to deal with other people, because you don't know them anyway. And what else should you do? read? or talk to other people!!! No way.

But this might become a problem when even with the people you care most about everyone is just looking at their phones. One big contributor of this phone addiction is social media, and more specifically instagram and snapchat. People are constantly obsessed with what other people made pictures about or what they did. And if there was a big party or something like that it's almost obligatory to make pictures throughout the evening keeping everyone up on how much fun you're having and the choose the best one and posting it on Instagram. But don't forget to tag all your friends or else they might not see it and you'll get less likes or harts or whatever.

This brings me to my second point. It feels like a contest on not only who documents their life the most and in the best way, and not only who has the most fun but who has the most likes! I really don't understand this, because even if you have a thousand followers and get hundreds of likes it's about the experience and if you felt you had fun. Not that other people are jealous because you did something cool or you got more likes even though we have the same picture posted.

But I guess the downfall of social media is nowhere near soon. First let's see if people get sick of eachother then people finally might see that calling people is the next best thing (after talking in real life of course)

P.S. I really hate the word social media, I can't explain why... I just do

Saturday, January 9, 2016

The importance of passion

You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, and you'll just might find, you'll get what you need

I'm not going to lie, I love to procrastinate. Sometimes the feeling that you are free to do what YOU want is much more satisfactory than having finished some task. I know it's not good to procrastinate because you should face your fears or it is better in the end having finished what you needed to do. But it feels o so good to just relax do nothing and think about how much you need to get starting.

There are two things in life which (some people disagree with) I think should be done. Going to the hairdressers and going to the dentist.

The dentist meant for me, a fun place with a nice lady who asked me to perform simple tasks. And for being a good boy I got to take with a toy and after that we would go to the market and get some yummy food for when my jaw stopped numbing from the anaesthesia. Basically I had a lot of cavities when i was a small child, but I didn't mind because the dentist's experience was great! 

After a couple of years my dentist had had a few baby's and eventually decided to move into orthodontology. But since I never needed any braces I haven't seen her for a long time now. I now have a new dentist. He's fine but not as nice or the environment is as great as it was at dentist number 1. 

Then you have hairdressers,  I think they have one of the if not the most interesting job of the world. They decide how your hair looks! It doesn't seem that big of a deal but it can really determine how people look at you but more importantly how you see yourself. They're always chatty and want a good experience, something dentists would also want but usually cannot achieve. Hairdressers talk about your life and how it's going and just trying to persuade you to get the latest(and most expensive) shampoos and other products. But a handful of these hairdressers are genuinely interested in your hair and are very talented and want to really know you, the person underneath all the hair. 

I have bad experiences with hairdressers, trying to persuade me into a look which I never intended to take. I always come up with a plan of how my hair should look like but they always convince me with their trump card: they are hairdresser after all so they should now best on how your hair will look. And I always fell for it.

But about a year ago I asked the mother of a friend of mine to cut my hair, and it was amazing! She actually did a pretty good job and she is someone who i genuinely like and care about. But then she was very busy and I was also busy and I was at a dead end, who should cut my hair?

One day my mom asked if I wanted to come to her hairdresser, and I've never ever met someone in my life who is as talented and caring of my hair as her. And now I feel on top of the world if I get a haircut, it's a great experience for me at this moment, and I hope that doesn't change.

In conclusion the opinion of a certain task can very much be determined by who is performing but also that love and passion goes above all else to reach a goal in the best way possible

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Gossiping morally correct?

The world is full of surprises, I bet we don't get to witness them all

It's difficult to decide whether it is morally correct to gossip or not. On the one hand if you don't tell anyone except the secluded amount of people you do share your info with then no one should get hurt.  The thing is though that rumours and false claims usually immerge and that makes it a whole lot more complicated.

In principle you're aloud to say anything to anyone, and it's only better if you don't say something mean to someone's face but instead just behind their backs. I know this is a feely subject so at least agree to disagree and hear me out. Bullying happens because people say mean things TO those said people. But gossiping can be like a calming mechanism, in which you don't have to be mean but just complain to relieve your own problems or stressful situations.

Some people reading this would say: "better say nothing than gossiping ". But that's where point three comes in to rescue my argumentation. Freedom of speech, need i say more (well yes probably, it is a blog after all)? In democracy's you have the privilege of having an opinions about everything, and since it's not punishable to say something "interesting" about another one's secrets or habits (this doesn't HAVE to be mean). You might as well just talk about it, but just not to the person you are talking about.

Today I experienced some secrets of my own, and it's fun and intriguing, and some people just love them. So why disapprove of something that has the potential of being harmless.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Typical Wednesdays

    I find that there should be a balance between power and calmness

Today is Wednesday for me that means a day full of languages such as Dutch, French and English. Learning about grammar and making listening comprehension may be a difficult task for some. But I have always seemed to be someone who enjoys languages and how they're structured. This might also be why I like to write as well. 

After a busy day at school I think sports is a great stress reliever, you (mostly) don't think all that much and just do! So wednesdays have another meaning to me: tennis practise.

I've been doing tennis for many years now, it's not that difficult of a sport. You slam a ball over a net until one person makes a mistake. Then the point goes to the winner of that rally, and this is what you do over and over again. Maybe it's the excitement of hitting the ball as hard as you can while hitting it with fine precision. or maybe it's running around and feeling exercised, somehow I just love it. 

Tennis is merely a metaphor for day to day life, you pass a ball with expectations (low or high) and receive an answer. You make quick decisions and mess up a lot. But for me Wednesdays are like a language, complex with many rules(I do live in the Netherlands, what did you think?) but at the end of the day it's fun as hell.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


There is always that moment in life when you upped your expectations, but it turns out very disappointing.

I feel as if PE or physical education (which is a very strange name since you don't really learn about physical movement) is a very interesting part of western society. We get dressed in separate locker rooms. the boys enter class one by one, the girls come in as a front. At least mostly, some girls fall behind.

We are (basically) forced  to exercise for 1,5 hours, which I don't mind. It is just the setting in which we have to exercise. Usually we play common sports like soccer and hockey (which I both rather wouldn't play). Often we also do something each year like an endurance test, a shuttle run test and many more.

But not only the things we do are less fun than some exercise could be, we also sit in a 20 by 10 metre box full of sweaty children. Half of those children aren't motivated(like me), and the other half is waay too fanatic at sports.

I guess it's too much to just have sports clubs at school which we would have to sign up for. Then everyone could do what they want. But this PE class is the western way of forcing us to deal with situations we don't feel comfortable in, at least that's how I see it.

In the perfect world we all have amazing bodies,  we are smart, funny, morally correct and most of all loving. PE class help me realise that I set my expectations too high and it always disappoints me. And PE class also helps with at least more than one of the amazings things we all want in our lives.